The newly built wind power plant of “Isca della Ricotta”, in the municipality of Melfi (province of Potenza), has an overall power capacity equal to 49 MW.

Works (WTGs, access roads, cables, electrical substation, and distribution stations) are reported on the following topographic maps provided by the Italian mapping agency (Military Geographic Institute):

Map at 1:50000 - Italian Military Geographic Institute (IGM)

Sheet no. 434 – Candela
Sheet no. 435 – Lavello
Sheet no. 451 – Melfi
Sheet no. 452- Rionero in Vulture
Map at 1:25000 - Italian Military Geographic Institute (IGM)

Sheet no. 175 III – SE (San Nicola di Melfi)
Sheet no. 175 III – SW (Lavello)
Sheet no. 187 IV – NE (Melfi)
Sheet no. 187 I – NW (Venosa)
The wind turbine generators –V126 and V117 turbines having a power capacity of 3.3 MW each – are supplied by Vestas. They are supported by conical tubular steel towers: the V126 type has a hub height of 117 m and a rotor diameter of 126 m, while the V117 turbine has a hub height of 116.5 m and a rotor diameter of 117 m.

Each installed wind turbine generator has a nominal power of 3.5 MW.

Wind farm is connected to a 30/150 kV user transforming station located in the municipality of Melfi (PZ) and from here, via a 150kV underground cable, to the 150 kV portion of the new 380/150 kV TERNA station located in Melfi (PZ). The latter is connected in and out to the 30 kV NTG line “Matera-Santa Sofia”.

In order to reduce grid systems, the Terna device, known in technical jargon as ‘bay’, has been shared with Eolica Melfi srl, Rinnovabili Melfi srl and TPower srl companies, which hold similar facilities to be implemented in the surroundings of Melfi. A “shared area” has been developed for the producers to be able to transfer all the electrical power to one bus bar system, already implemented, which has been connected to the Terna station by means of a cable line. The action, as referred to in the authorisation for the project, included the implementation of:

One 30/150 kV user area (Breathe Energia in Movimento) for the delivery of electricity generated by the wind power plant;
One 150 kV shared area for connection of different users and sharing of the High Voltage (HV) connection, via 150 k cable, to the new 150/380 kV NTG station located in Melfi;
connection via 150 kV underground cable.

Cumulative Effects Assessment

“As Built” Technical Report